The current version is Pinboard-Skin 1.0 (18. October 2007).


The Pinboard Skin is a skin for JAlbum which looks like a typical cork bulletin board where the photos, previews and navigation items are notes that are pinned to the board. 


  • Displays photo names and comments
  • support of folders with preview images
  • folder icon as drawn note
  • navigation via notes with drawn arrows
  • pin board adjusts to window size
  • W3C valid code
  • tested on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari


The Pinboard-Skin can be downloaded via the Skin Repository of JAlbum.


Click on the button "Install Skin" in the Skin Repository of JAlbum. The file type should be associated with JAlbum which saves the skin correctly. Restart JAlbum and select "Pinboard" as skin and generate the album again.
Alternatively there is the option of manual installation. In the skin repository click on the link "You can also install the skin by unzipping this file into the skin folder.", open the downloaded zip-file and unzip it in the folder "/skins" of you JAlbum installation (e.g. "C:/Program Files/JAlbum/").


Screenshot of an album generated with the Pinboard-Skin
Screenshot of an album generated with the Pinboard-Skin

Ideas for future versions

  • change standard to XHTML 1.1
  • menu to change appearance of the skin
  • add Creative-Commons-Logo if selected in the menu
  • better graphics
  • show album description