my own content

I think a lot of free licenses which encourage people to spread content and become creative themselves with it. Therefore I publish all of the content created by me on this homepage including my blog under the the licence "Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Germany" or short "by-nc-sa".

Creative Commons License

This means that everybody can use the content like texts and pictures as long as he/she
  • mentions me as the creator of the content (with first and last name)
  • does not use the content for commercial purposes
  • publishes all newly created content based on my material under the same license
All of that does not require my explicit permission as I have given it here. But if someone wants to use my content beyond the purposes mentioned above like using an image for a commercial publication or use it for a new work which will be published under a different license, that person would need my explicit permission. In such a case I am sure we can work out something via email.

If someone were to use my content so I would appreciate it if you could drop me a line about it via email. A link to would also make me happy.

The place of jurisdiction of that license is Germany. The entire and legally binding version of this license can be found under:

More information about Creative Commons can be found under and under

foreign content

The above mentioned license is basically for all content of this homepage created by me. But I also use foreign content which might stand under a different license. I always try to use content which is standing under a free licenses as well. Foreign content will always be marked as such. In the case of pictures I usually write the creator as a caption and/or link the image directly to the source where the license is visible.