several ideas by me

Every once in a while I have a flash of inspiration and come up with some really great ideas one could become a millionaire with. But in reality I just note those ideas on a piece of paper, put it in a drawer and leave them there until someone else comes up with a quite similar idea and earns a lot of money with it in which case I get a little mad.

But I also know that I probably will never realize those ideas, so I decided to set some of those ideas free (i.e.:publish them here) and maybe someone of you will get inspired by those ideas.

If someone of you really puts one of those ideas in reality (and cash), I hope you still remember where you got this idea from.

Here is now a list of some of my ideas:

Blank Game

selbstgemachts Spiel
The idea is basically a Do-It-Yourself-Set for a board game. The game comes in a white carton and contains all important parts of a board game: the game board, figures in different colors, small chips, cards and dice. The big difference is that the board and the cards are white on the front side. So one can create your own board game. Especially for the board it would be helpful to have a transparent protective foil you can glue on it later to protect the self decorated board (by drawing on it or by glueing things on it).

Such a game would be a great and personal present if one would like to give a personalised game. But one one could also use this as a starting point for prototypes of an own game idea.

It would also be possible to offer this game in different sets: a standart set with a board, some figures and a dice and an advanced set with addtional material like cards, chips etc.

Ein Leitfaden, wie man eine Spielanleitung schreibt, währe ebenfalls sinnvoll. Man könnte ein solches Spiel auch gemeinsam mit Büchern zum Thema "Wie entwickle ich ein Brettspiel" vermarkten.

Garden Lamp Ashtray

Hiding an ashtray in the upper part of an garden lamp. The lamp would look like a standing cylinder. The lower part os made of metal or plastic. The upper third would be milk glass behind which the light bulb is. On top of the milk glas there would be some more metal/plastic. The end would be a removable lid under which the ashtray is.

Cocktail Bar with Conveyor

two Cocktails
picture by Mary Loosemore
A cocktail bar where the drinks run on a conveyor belt like in some sushi places. The color of the coaster indicate how expensive the drink is. At the bottom of the glass should be a sign which tells the name of the cocktail and what is mixed with.
So far I haven't made any thought on how to protect the cocktails from containment or what would be a suitable billing system for such a way of serving drinks.
Addendum: I had this idea quite some time ago and by now I think I know again, what inspired me back then. So I have to admit, that this is only partially my idea and that I was propably inspired by the second episode of Futurama where such a bar is visible. But I still think such an idea would work in the 21. century already.