The current version is CodeGenerator 1.1.2 (14. January 2008).


The CodeGenerator uses JAlbum to generate code which can then be copied and pasted into blogs and forums to easily show and link photos from existing JAlbum Albums. It shows the thumbnail images which then link to the bigger images in the album. The link either goes directly to the image or the site in which the image is embedded. The user can change the settings for that.

Even thought this is technically a skin as you have to install it in the skin folder, it is not a skin in the way people expect it to be. It is not suitable for publishing an album with it but only generating code which can then be copied.

The code can be generated as normal HTML code or as BB code. BB code is a special formatting code which is sometimes used in forums which do not allow users to insert HTML code into their posts.


  • can generate HTML code for showing and linking the preview images
  • can generate BB code for showing and linking the preview images
  • optional link to album index
  • images can be show with border around them
  • optional text for image description
  • options can be set via the skin-tab in the album settings
  • supports predefined number of columns
  • W3C valid code
  • preview for the generated code


  • Do NOT publish the album which is generated with the CodeGenerator skin as the CodeGenerator can not be used as a skin
  • The CodeGenerator does NOT support more then one index page. Be sure to set the number of rows in the album settings to 0 as this means that all images should be shown on the first page. Otherwise some images might be missing.
  • The generated code only works in forums and blogs which support HTML or BB code. Always preview your entry by before publishing. Some sites (like Wordpress) have special options to insert HTML code


The CodeGenerator can be downloaded via the JAlbum Skin Repository.

Installation and Usage

In the Skin Repository from JAlbum click on the button "Install Skin". The file type should be associated with JAlbum which saves the skin correctly. Then restart JAlbum.
Alternatively there is the option of manual installation. In the skin repository click on the link "You can also install the skin by unzipping this file into the skin folder.", open the downloaded zip-file and unzip it in the folder "/skins" of you JAlbum installation (e.g. "C:/Program Files/JAlbum/").

Publish images with the CodeGenerator:
  1. create an Album containing the pictures you would like to post.
  2. select a skin you like the pictures to be published with
  3. change the settings if you like, most importantly the sizes for the thumbnails and the images
  4. make the album
  5. publish the album, either to your own server or on the
  6. copy the URL of the root folder of your published album
  8. select the CodeGenerator-Skin
  9. change the settings of the skin if you like to
  10. past the copied URL in the text field "Path to Album"
  11. make the album with the option "Changes" selected
  12. open the created album in the browser of your choice
  13. copy the code from the text area
  14. paste the code in the forum or blog where you want to publish you images
  15. you can write some text to the images as well, if you like
  16. close JAlbum but do NOT save the current album.
  17. open JAlbum, open the album and generate the album again with the previously saved settings
  18.  YOU ARE DONE!


Screenshot of the code generated by the CodeGenerator
Screenshot of the code generated by the CodeGenerator
Screenshot of the settings page of the CodeGenerator
Screenshot of the settings page of the CodeGenerator

Version History

Version 1.0

19. October 2007
  • Support of HTML
  • optional link to index page of album
  • optional image title as "alt"-attribute of the image
  • optional additional text to the "alt"-attribute of the image
  • optional link to the bigger image or the image slide

Version 1.1

22. October 2007
  • Support of BB code
  • clean up of the user interface of skins settings tab

Version 1.1.1

23. October 2007
  • Support of predefined number of columns
  • fixed Wordpress bug

Version 1.1.2

14. January 2008
  • partial support for folders

ideas for future versions

  • German language support
  • better support for folders
  • optional embedding of the creative commons logo