BVG Search Prefill


The current version is BVG Search Prefill 2.0 (10. September 2010).


This script prefills the search form of the local transit company of Berlin (BVG) by filling in a preselected station as start and destination. This is handy as one usually searches for connections from or to ones home station. By clicking on the prefilled name, it vanishes and the user can enter their desired travel station.


The script can be downloaded via

Installation and Configuration

On the Homepage of the script click on "Install Script" and confirm the installation.

When first running this script, a dialog will be prompted, where you can enter your desired default start station and your desired final station. In those dialogs, you can also enter more then one station, by separating the names with a semicolon, e.g.: "S Hackescher Markt;S+U Friedrichtstraße;S Ostbahnhof". If there are more then one stations defined for your start or final station, a little plus icon will appear next to the input field. When you click on it, a list of the alternative stations is shown next to it. You can than select any of the alternative stations just by clicking on it. Thanks to Dirk for the suggestion to support several alternative stations.

The default stations can always be changed by right clicking on the Greasemonkey Icon and than selecting "User Script Commands" and "change BVG Stations" (alternatively in the menu Tools -> Greasemonkey -> User Script Commands -> change BVG Stations).


Prefilled Search with two alternative Stations.
Prefilled Search with two alternative Stations.
Greasemonkey Menu to change the default values.
Greasemonkey Menu to change the default values.

Version History

Version 1.0

  • initial version

Version 2.0

  • bug fix: when you are on the result page and use the browsers "back" button the script will not overwrite the entered values anymore
  • bug fix: small graphics fix caused by some changes made to the BVG site
  • default stations can now be entered and managed directly with Greasemonkey, so no need anymore for manually adapting the source code
  • option to definie additional stations which will be shown in an extra list to be selected from.