The current version is Addressbook 1.0 (16. February 2008).


Addressbook is a TYPOlight module which lets you manage you addresses via TYPOlight. It shows can display the addresses in the front end (no editing possible). This list can be ordered by several criteria. By clicking on a contact more detailed information are visible. The module also has a birthday calender which shows the upcoming birthdays in the next 30 days and links to the email addresses if available.


  • Save contacts with first name, last name, birth date, email, phone, mobile, address and other information.
  • See contacts on overview page with first name, last name, email, phone and mobile.
  • Order by each of the columns of the overview page ascending or descending.
  • See single contact on detail page with all other information.
  • HTML support for Addresses and Other information.
  • See upcoming birthdays with age and link to email address.
  • English and German Localisation


This module is only meant for internal use. It handles sensitive information, so NEVER make it publicly visible. Always require the users (who are allowed to access those information) to log in.
Please handle the personal data of others with care.


This Module can be downloaded via the TYPOlight-Wiki.


  • copy the content of the archive in the folder 'system/modules' of your TYPOlight installation
  • run the script /typolight/install.php to update the data base

Ideas for future versions

  • better icon
  • Edit contacts via Front End
  • the Back End user can decide upon creation which columns should be shown and in what order.
  • the Back End user can decide upon creation how many days in advance the upcoming birthdays should be shown.
  • Search via Front End
  • Pagination of the overview page if there are to many entries